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Vocationem Monitor is a piece for electronics and phone.
The piece is performed in two distinct times.
The first time is a planned period (in preference between 2 minutes and 2 hours) in where a free group of people will call the specified phone number.

The people calling the phone , which is recorded, are completely free in what they want to give to the phone. They can speak, shout, give something to listen through the phone, etc. The originality of the material they give to the phone will give the interest to the piece.

It is highly advised for each individual of the group to be at a different place to offer a bigger palette of material.
The number of calls by any individual is unlimited. The length of the call is unlimited, although a time limit can be planned. The person on the other end of the phone is also allowed to hang up.

This phone called is preferably recorded by a direct sound recording. The audio from the calls can also be recovered by contact microphones. The audio tracks are directly transmitted to a sound design software for montage and mix.

The mix is under the desire of the composer, responding to planned parameters.
Some different parameters can be applied to the mix, regarding the format of the call, its contents, the length of the call, or the phone number calling. Some sine waves or other simple synth sounds can be added to the parameters.

e.g : Every number containing a 7 will open a distortion effect, the distortion will be filtered if the call is longer than 5 sec. The presence of a female voice will trigger a high sine wave.

The piece is then performed through the prerecorded track.
Varying the setup of the piece would allow for a direct performance between the people calling, the mix and the retransmission.

WARNING: Strobe images are used during the piece and can trigger epileptic fits

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