Mathis Saunier, born in 1999 in Annemasse (France), has been studying electric guitar since 2004, classical guitar with Matteo Mela from 2012 to 2018, and composition with Arturo Corrales from 2016 to 2018 at the Geneva Conservatory. He is a founding member, guitarist and composer of the band Mauvais Sang, signed under the Record label December Square. Since September 2018, he studied composition with Matthew Kaner and Hollie Harding at the Guildhall School Music & Drama in London.

He collaborates with ensembles such as the Nouvel Ensemble de Neuchatel (NEC), Ligeti Quartet, Exaudi Ensemble or the United Strings of Europe. Passionate about cinema, his musical world is a fusion of electronic music, acoustics, and visual art, to which he attached great importance. In his work, he likes to start from an idea, a concept, and push them to their extreme logic, an uncompromising universe.

His music is performed in venues such as the Antigel Festival (Geneva), Musica Festival (planned for 2022 season, Strasbourg),

Barbican (London) or Le Nouveau Casino (Paris).

Besides those projects, Mathis developed a conceptual instrument based on a guitar set up to obtain the sound as close as possible of an Ondes Martenot. This project resulted in an EP and an album in which he collaborates with composers such as Cassandra Miller, Anna Meredith, or Laurence Crane.