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The first performance was given by the Guildhall Session Orchestra at Milton Court Hall (09/2019) - New Music for the Illuminated River Concert

When we think about a famous bridge, we usually think about the tip of the iceberg.
How does the bridge look like ? Is it busy today ? However, this stone souls keep secret inside

them much more memories than everyone crossing them will never have. The London Bridge
is the perfect example for having a story older than seven centuries. Still today, some of the old London Bridge granite footings are inside the squares.

Through my piece NEMO, I want the passengers to enter step by step into the past of the bridge, translated by some slow waves of strings from the orchestra falling down into the deepest of the Thames, under the bridge, where it’s hidding its memories, such as the ancestors of yesterday and the past decennies, still living inside the stone or in the deep of the Thames.

The name NEMO is a direct reference to the fictional character created by the French author Jules Verne, exploring the deep of waters in the Verne's novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870) as we would explore the memories of the bridge.

The strings are conducted by a specicial movement of two hands imitating the movement of someone swiming, offering a new chord, a new colour at each hands movement. Each chords is harmonically bringing us deeper by its complexity as if we were swimming deeper in the memomries of the bridge.

Under the strings’s waves are hidden some sound archives of the last decades such as some trains passing
on the bridge, some interviews on the bridge and the speech of the Queen opening the bridge. These archives are not meant to be understandable, however they are present and noticeable as the passt of the London Bridge, frozen in its stone, its water, indelible. The last archive is a recording of the present time, recorded in April 2019 as a come back in our modern world after the travel in the deep...

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