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INK is a piece for multi instruments based on the shape of a labyrinth. The concept of the piece is to give different possible directions, paths to the musician. Each player has their own path and will cross over different options, trajectories leading to a unique performance each time.

The interest of the multi-players is based on the concept of counterpoint: having multi independent voices creating new colours when merged together.

The multi-trajectories lead the player to some distinct soundscapes. We can divide the music material in two: the atmospheric texture and the melodic lines; thus the freedom in the dynamic and timbre allows the players to alternate their playing in comparison what the other(s) plays, giving priority to melodic lines. The musicians do not have to be synchronised but, having a consideration of the other is essential for the piece. On the same level of consideration, an exploration on the timbre is highly recommended during the piece.

One thing to notice in INK is the absence of specified dynamic, rests, tempo indication. The use of silence is similar to dynamics and timbre, as there is no specified rest. The player controls their silence, always allowed between different patterns.

INK 1st version
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