INK is a piece for two violins, based on the schematic of the labyrinth. The interest is to give to
the piece few possible directions, paths. Each players has his/her own path and will meet different options, trajectories driving her/his performance. The player can pull back whenever he wants, the multi trajectories brings the player to some special distinct universes in where he/she will find out a specific atmosphere in each. Each player
starts from his starting point (one on the top/ one the bottom of the score). Each one travelling the score
ending at the starting point (ways out ) of the other. The full version of the piece consists of having two
travels of the score each with the two different starting point (as a round trip). The interest of the two
players is based on the concept of counterpoint : having two very indepedant voices creating new colours
when in correspondence. The two players don’t have to be synchronised (few tempo changes during the piece) but having a consideration of the other is benefit to the piece and some parts are realised to play on the
answers of the other (thought everything is depending on the choice of direction of the players). If the piece
can be really free, a version of it can be very strict.

INK 1st version