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Venus Anadyomene comes from a poem from Rimbaud carrying the same title. This title comes from a painting «The Birth Of Venus» where the goddess of love and beauty comes out of water. In his poem, Rimbaud gives a nightmarish version where Venus is an old,wrinkly woman, getting out of her dirty bathtub. 

Venus Anadyomène is then a terrible tackle to beauty. 

Musically, the harp falls from her throne of elegance, harmony and majesty to become a monstrous and aggressive noise. She is supported by a synth playing some long waves, constantly in evolution closer to the most total truculence. The bass guitar and the drums present an imposing and cold rythm. At last, the voice extends over this texture, reciting verses from Rimbaud’s poem.

Venus Anadyomène that’s this terrible anxiety, becoming an infernal loop during this famous moment in the woman who yesterday was seeing herself full of purity!contemplating herself in the mirror and discovers the first traits of old age becoming subject to the inevitability of time.

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