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The Days ONE Another to Make a Year is a piece for Choir, exploring the limits between the extreme structure to liberty of randomness. It is based on the disparition. Everything disappearing one day, further in this context, the mind being replaced by madness. The singers begin the piece with absolutely no liberty, if the lyrics, the rhythm and the dynamic are written, they have got progressively few options on the way they want to continue the piece. This liberty they have got grows up until step by step, the notes chosen, the dynamics, the rhythm become completely their choice. Everything is disappearing until they are completely free, mad. Few indications, gently, lead the piece to an ending but the direction is completely up to the singers.




The minutes melt into an hour.
The days pass by one another to make a year. A change of season, perhaps a change of mind. Are you thinking of what got left behind?
A sudden melancholy sense of sorrow
for what disappeared somewhere
in those melting minutes,
in those passing days.
From that thought you never spoke,

to that postcard you sent but never heard arrive. From that love you thought would pass the test of time, to that friend
whose features have already faded in your mind.
It tastes bitter, it hurts.

That moment of remembering the things you had forgotten. Something was and now it isn’t.
Yet still,
The minutes melt into an hour.
The days pass by one another to make a year.

Elisa Artemis Tombazis

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