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L0VED is a series of pieces for harp, electronics, and popping balloons samples. 

This piece emerged from a collaboration with the harpist Sara Flores Montes. 

L0VED explores the extreme sonorities of the harp, inspired by influences from alternative rock, and glitch music.
The central section of the piece is based on melodic fragments, which are then run through several electronic processes, such a a pitch shifter, loop, extreme time stretching, and electronically altering the sound of the harp itself. The harp then plays over this ambient, electronic texture until being looped again.
The piece also explores and seeks to challenge more traditional use of the harp and sounds associated with the instrument. The first piece of the series is based on the metallic strings of the harp being scratched with a card (used in a similar way to an electric guitar pick), mixed with pitch shifting and distortion, strongly inspired by noise bands. 

For performance, please follow closely my electronic set up in order to achieve the sounds closest to my intention.
The electronic set-up is composed of one Max MSP patch with pitch detection transcribing the 12 notes of the harp into 12 samples of balloons popping. 

The balloon samples are only used in the first part of the piece. The samples are then passed through the delay pedal to create a faster rhythmic effect. 

For live performance, balloons are to be attached to the harp and popped, signifying the start and end of major sections of the piece. The use of the popping balloons is highly inspired by contemporary German Techno, offering extreme blunt rhythms. 

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