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Get Well Soon is a piece based on a scene from David Lynch’s movie: Mulholland Drive.

In this piece, the character of Betty Elms, a bright and talented newcomer to Los Angeles, is
described as "wholesome, optimistic, determined to take the town by storlm" and absurdly naive".
Her girlfriend, Camilla is a mysterious and helpless apparent victime, a classic femme fatale with dark hair and a strikingly beautiful appearance. If the first part of the movie shows us Betty as the perfect role in the Hollywoodian universe, the second half of the movie revels us the real truth of the story.
Betty is a frustrated and depressed woman, who seems to have ridden the coattails of Camilla, whom she idolizes and adores, but who does not return her affection. She is considered as the too-good-to-be-true of the reflect of herself in the first part of the movie.

In the final scene, Betty will comendit the murder of Camilla. She will become allienated after realising what she just did. Get Well Soon reflects the scene where Betty changes from believing in her dream to facing the reality.

The theme and lyrics of the piece are an tribute to the song You cannot cast your demons out by the band Get Well Soon which has got a specific relation with Mulholland Drive.

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