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BURNING is a piece for Bass Clarinet (doubling Bb clarinet), fixed media and lighting system. It presents an industrial

mechanical soundscape posing questions about ecological preservation through our relation to nature and hyperreality1. The clarinetist sits in the centre of the stage, and appears and disappears from view with surreal changes of lighting.

Using cues from visual art exhibitions, BURNING takes the form of an installation in which the audience can move freely between the stage and the stalls, experiencing the different soundscapes from the various amps and speakers hidden around the hall.

Except for the crackling fire sound effects and one single recording of singing birds I recorded in my hometown, all the

sonic material in the tracks is generated from clarinet samples recorded with Heather Roche.

Doubling Bb Clarinet

It is possible to move to the Bb Clarinet for the last chord progression of the piece as certain notes could be weaker than

expected. It shall be discussed with the composer beforehand.

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