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1CLOCK is a piece for music box and electronic. The piece is based on the metric of Time, through the schematic of different tools used to watch time (Watch, Alarm Clock etc..). Every sound of 1CLOCK is coming from two recordings of a music box (one rhythmic with the music box itself shaked and hurt against a wall without any pitch and one more commun use of the music box with a melody pre composed by the composer. The electronic is based around nondestructive and destructive process.
Some extra effects are used from pedals : Reverb and Distortion.
The piece is divised in twelve different variations related to the notion of Time. Thus, certain sounds of the variations correspond to the logic of the twelve pendulum of the watch. The result of that logic of suite of sound will give you the sound that should be used for the thirteen’th variration.


I Watch (0:00 - 2:17 )

II Alarm Clock (2:17 - 4:05)

III Time piece (4:05- 5:34)

IV Pendulum (5:34-6:46)

V Body Phone (6:46-7:46)

VI Clockwise (7:46- 9:22)

VII Pendulum AV (9:22-11:57)

VIII Body Time (11:57-13:18)

IX Watch PX (13:18- 14:37)

X Alarm Clock (15:16-16:00)

XI Body Phone PX (16:00-16:17)

XII Watch AV(16:17-16:55)

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